You want your money to grow and work for you, but risk makes you uncomfortable. Is there a way to do it safely? You bet there is. There is a rule of investing that is ancient and unchanging. It has guided the investment strategies of people since the very beginning of commerce and the advent of money. This rule states that the bigger the risk, the more the return. You can invest in safe and secure investments, but you will not make big profits or grow rich. You also will not be likely to lose your investment and go broke either.

  • A regular passbook savings account at your local bank could be considered a form of investment.
  • Bonds such as United States Saving Bonds are another low risk, low return investment. There are many types of bonds issued by local governments and corporate entities. The bond is basically a promise to repay at certain amount of money and interest over a certain time span.
  • Mutual Funds are one of the safer ways to seek a little more return with a minimum of risk.

It does not really matter what type of investment you chose. There are still some ways to make the investment safer. The most important is to study the investment carefully. When you are armed with knowledge, you have a much better chance of negotiating the rocky waters of investment. You can develop an investment strategy that further reduces risks. What you can not do is find a sure thing in investing. Certainly not in an investment that offers the chance of a large return. If you are not willing to take some risks, the savings account at your bank might be the best course for you.

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